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In this Wiki, nuclear energy – which after the catastrophic accidents of Chernobyl and Fukushima is in a phase of stagnation or decline in many states, but still held in high esteem in other states – is critically examined.

The aim of AtomkraftwerkePlag is to highlight the risks of nuclear power for humans and nature in an argumentative, factual and background informative way. The information on nuclear energy dispersed throughout the Internet is collected here in one place.

We are independent of political parties, do not pursue any economic interests and refer to reputable sources.

Foundation after the Fukushima accident


The Wiki was opened on 12 March 2011 with the name "Atomausstiegselbermachen Wiki" – under the impression of exploding reactors in the Japanese nuclear power plant Fukushima-Daiichi.

From March to May 2011, the collection of materials on nuclear accidents and nuclear energy was in the focus. After the moratorium and the decision to phase out nuclear energy in Germany, new pages on nuclear energy in Europe and non-European countries were created.

New structure, new name, new topics


In April 2012, the Wiki was adopted following a request to the Fandom Community, and the navigation structure and all existing pages were reworked.

In this context, the Wiki was renamed to "AtomkraftwerkePlag", which means that it is deliberately placed in the series of critical platforms such as LobbyPlag, WulffPlag, VroniPlag and GuttenPlag. This also after the addition "Plag" had been recognized in the media as a new genre of Internet communities.[1][2]

Since June 2012, we have focused more on the political and economic aspects of nuclear energy, such as the nuclear lobby, Germany´s nuclear policy since the 1920s, the subsidizing of nuclear power or reserves for decommissioning and disposal.

Since 2012, AtomkraftwerkePlag has often been cited as a reference on other websites and forums. In 2013, in the study "Les stratégies web 2.0 de l´industrie nucléaire et de movements antinucléaire", AtomkraftwerkePlag was classified as an anti-nuclear power platform and used in the bibliography of this study as a source for the strategies of the nuclear lobby described therein.[3] Publisher is the French Institute Sciences Po Bordeaux for Political and Administrative Sciences.[4]

From 2013 onwards, all globally active, decommissioned and under construction nuclear power plants were described in separate pages in the Wiki, and in 2016 a selection of the internationally rejected and planned civil nuclear power plants. In 2017 and 2018 the military reactors as well as nuclear fusion and fusion research facilities followed.

We maintain the references in the Wiki continuously. However, it may happen that linked pages can no longer be accessed on the Internet. These may be found at

(Last update: 18.04.2022)


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